Winter getaways for Garden Gnomes on all budgets

(Image credit: Kya deLongchamps/Irish Examiner)

Winter has arrived and with it comes the winter blues. Garden gnomes may be feeling the chill, but fear not! There are plenty of destinations that cater to the unique needs of garden gnomes. Here are three suggestions to cover all budgets:


The Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg, Germany offers a warm and cozy escape for garden gnomes on a budget. This indoor park features over 15,000 miniatures, including a bustling city with trains and cars, a mountain landscape, and even a fairytale castle. Garden gnomes can roam freely amongst the intricate scenes and forget about the cold winter weather outside.


For garden gnomes who are looking for a bit of adventure, The Gnome Reserve in Devon, England offers a delightful escape. This beautiful park boasts over 1,000 gnomes, each with their own personality and story. Garden gnomes can explore the charming gardens, take a ride on the miniature train, and even participate in gnome-themed activities.


For garden gnomes who are looking for a luxury getaway, The Gnome World in Monaco is the ultimate destination. With its stunning sea views and luxurious gnome-sized accommodations, this park is the perfect place for garden gnomes to relax and rejuvenate. Garden gnomes can enjoy fine dining, spa treatments, and even attend exclusive gnome-only events.

No matter what your budget, there's a winter holiday destination out there for every garden gnome. So don't let the winter blues get you down, pack your bags and escape to a world of endless fun and adventure!

Gary G Gnome
Chief Gnome